We are your partners for services in the areas of Stuttgart and Ludwigsburg and beyond for homes, gardens and offices.

Satisfaction of our clients is the focus of our work. As part of our personal support and advice, we develop customised and innovative solutions for every task and project. We offer maximum flexibility, guaranteed care, quality and reliability in all processes including pricing.

We repair, install, clean and put everything in order and have an open ear for every request.
Small jobs such as removing seals move or replacing a drains are part of our services.


Rolls and shopping services

Would you like fresh bread, but have no time to got to buy ? We will bring you at a small fee.

Shopping is no problem as we offer this service too for your satisfaction.

Remove soil and rennovation

We remove old flooring and replace with any of your choice.

Gaskets, faucet and drains

We replace your gaskets and replace faulty drains.

House clearance and disposal

In a neat and responsible way, we dispose of packaging, utensils, furniture, mattresses and appliances.


Window Cleaning

We are flexible and clean either the frame, window or both.

New windows

In oder to get rid of the old windows, we work with a reputable and reliable construction company.


Digging, weeding, mowing lawns, cutting trees and hedges are part of the gardening services we provide.

Sidewalk and patio cleaning

Using clean and efficient methods, we clean and remove weeds as well as paracitic plants between cracks.


Glass and building cleaning

With hygene in mind, some of the services include vacuuming, emptying trash and cleaning toilets


Housekeeping Services

In your home, other services we offer include Street Cleaning, switching on and off lights as well as the heating and sanitation sytems.

Regarding outside, we water and mow lawns and clear snow in areas needed.


Home Sitting

While you are on vaccation, we will gladly take care of your house by tending to your pets, watering flowers and call you once a week to update you about you on your residence.


Kitchen Installation

We can install and deliver your kitchen furniture.


Laminate installation

As experienced staff, we can laminate floors and or install baseboards and doors that fit.


Furniture Assembling

Basing on expereince and skill , we assemble and deliver your furniture with great care.

Woodchip, door frames, window frames

With neatness, we are able to put wall paper of your choice.


Install doors

In conjunction with a reputable company, we are able to replace or repair doors and doorframes.



If you are shifting home, we are able to professionaly pack your furniture in bubble wrap or whatever works best.

Winter Service
In winter we plow snow from the sidewalks, driveways and parking lots.

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